Frequently Asked Questions

Do teachers need to pay for an account?

Teachers can create an account for free and receive 1 month’s free access. During this month, they have access to all subjects and all videos in full length. After that first month, teachers may continue to access the site but will have the limited ability to access only previews of video content. Teachers can access full length of video content in the subject they created a group for during the term of such group.

How can my students use Brightstorm videos?

Teachers can create a group that allows their students access to all videos under one subject. There is a minimum limit of 20 students per group, and monthly price per student is $1.
Note: ONLY a teacher can create groups.

What is group? Why do I need to create one?

A group is a method of granting students access to Brightstorm’s content. Teachers create a group by choosing a subject, number of students and months and make payment by credit card or sending a check to Brightstorm. When a group is created and payment is made, teachers will get a unique group code with which students can create student accounts. Students will be given access to all video content under that subject and can access the site from anywhere, anytime.

How can I create a group?

On your teacher homepage, click on the orange button, “Create Group”, on the right side of the screen.

After I create a group, when can I share it with my students?

If you pay by credit or debit card, you will be immediately granted access to your unique group code. However, if you plan on paying by check, you will receive access to your group code when your payment is made in 15 days from creating group.

Can I create more than one group?

Teachers can easily create more than one group by repeating the same process.

After I create a group, can I add more students to it?

You cannot add more students to a group, but you can always create another group that has more students for the same subject. If you think you will have additional students during the term, we recommend considering to create a group with a few extra accounts.

Can I change a group’s subject that I have already created?

You cannot change subject of a group that is already created, but you can always add a new group for a different subject.

How many students can I have in one group?

There is no maximum limit to the number of students in a group; however, every group needs to have at least twenty(20) students in order to be created.

How can a student join a group?

When teachers create a group, they receive a unique group code that they can give to their students. Students can create an account or add a group with the group code given by their teachers.

What does a student account allow me to access?

A student account grants a student access to groups created by teachers. Each group grants access to a certain subject’s video content.

Can a student create a group?

Students cannot create a group. This ability is exclusive to teacher accounts.

What if I encounter a technical problem?

Email us at or call a service agent if you see customer support chat window.